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Angeles Street Kids
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Angeles Street Kids


The Street Children Problem in Angeles City

As in most Asian Cities, and some Western cities, the problem of street children is a continual battle. Angeles City, located in the farming heartland of Central Luzon, right next to the former USA Clark Air Base, is not immune to the problem.

The DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) has more than 1500 children registered in the city as street children. In reality, the number is much higher.

A street child is defined as a child who has no meaning in their life, lives in poverty, is often the subject of family abuse or may have no family and is most often forced to work in the streets as child labor or beggars to support their meager existence. 

In many cases, the child is forced onto the street by parents eager to generate extra income and it is not unknown for a young child to bring home more than 9,000.00 pesos per month where the basic salary is around 5,000 pesos per month. This generates an enormous pressure to keep the children out of school and on the streets as significant revenue generators for syndicates or families.

The City of Angeles, through the Mayors Office is a strong supporter of any attempt to assist the Street Children of Angeles City. The support from the Mayor and his department has been an invaluable contribution to the success of the project to date!

The City of Angeles and the Rotary Club of Clark Centennial believes that the future of the Philippines is in the hands of the young! The child is the Father/Mother of tomorrow, the future Community Leader and the example for future generations of children!

Education and Training are the non-negotiable obligation of any country dreaming of a progressive tomorrow! No Government or Community can claim for itself genuine development unless it takes care of the poorest of the poor children among them, street children.

Can you imagine, even as an adult, having to pass the night in streets or public parks because you have nowhere to go, or because you were lost, or stranded. Imagine being exposed to dangers of both crime and unsheltered and unsanitary environment. 

Children living on the street are forced to fend for them selves under conditions of extreme poverty, dysfunctional families, broken homes, abuse and exploitation.

Bereft of strength and skills for decent living, they become marginalized, ostracized and lead inhuman lives.



Street Children Project Outline and Goals

The Rotary Club of Clark Centennial, City of Angeles and the Tuloy Foundation have banded together to find a solution to the problem in Angeles City.


The flagship effort of the project is the construction of a 60-bed center to provide the following:


                Dignity to the Child

                Self Worth

                Christian Values








                Behavioral Reorientation

                 Livelihood Training

                 Integration into Society


The Tuloy Foundation will operate the center, supported financially and morally by the Rotary Club of Clark Centennial. The City of Angeles will provide Medical, Dental and Educational facilities.