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Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigo
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Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigo


Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigo

            FHFLA  is  a  charitable,  non-stock  institution   administered  by  the Amigonian  Fathers and Brothers. It is committed to the service of the youth, street children, drug addicts and wayward youth in general.

           Our mission is basically directed towards all youths who in one-way or the  other  have  lost  the  true  path  of  life; those stricken  by  loneliness  and  those   addicted   to   drugs   and  vices; the  ignorant  and  the outcasts who experience  rejection  from  the mainstream of society; those who need love, acceptance  and  understanding,  guidance,  forgiveness  and redemption, so  that  they  may  feel themselves loved and so lift up their  minds and open their hearts to new light and hope.


Programs & Services

Children's Holistic and Integral Learning and Development Program -CHILD Program

              Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigó aims to promote the basic rights of children in   especially   difficult   circumstances   to   life   and   to  physical,  emotional, mental,  psycho-social   and   spiritual   nourishment   within   the  present socio-economic and political   realities  in  the  Philippines.  It  seeks to provide the necessary elements and opportunities  that   will  build,  empower  and  enhance  their  knowledge,  skills, capacities  and   spiritual   depth   so   that   they  can   participate  fully  in  their  own development  as  mature,  responsible,  productive,  peaceful  and  freedom-loving persons.