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Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation
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Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation


The Problem 

            More than 2 million Filipinos are  living  on the street. These street  people  are mostly children and  adolescents. Existing  reports indicate that in Manila alone, there are about 100,000 street children. Living  in  desperate  poverty, suffering  from poor health, and often victims  of  drug  abuse, they  survive  by  selling cigarettes, flowers, newspapers, and  sometimes…themselves. They  scavenge  and  beg, watch and wash cars…and pick pockets.

            Parental  neglect  and  social  indifference  force thousands of children to quit school and turn to street life to survive.

            To provide assistance and find solutions constitutes a challenge few are prepared to accept.



            Founded  in  1986, Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation is an independent,  non-profit,  non-governmental organization devoted to  the care and well-being of street children and urban poor in different districts of Manila. It is fully registered with the Department of Social Welfare and Development.


Range Of Services


  Outreach Services

            Kaibigans’s  outreach  workers  have  become  familiar to hundreds of children on the streets of Manila, offering guidance and assistance.



            Kaibigan supports the education of approximately 400 children from the  elementary  grades through to college. Non-formal education programs  and  vocational  training are also offered to the children and their families.


Health Care

            Kaibigan ensures that the children under its care receive adequate preventive and curative medical attention.



            To provide the children with a healthy and wholesome respite from  street  life, Kaibigan undertakes a variety of cultural and sporting activities  such  as creative drama, drawing, swimming classes, summer camps, field trips and Mini-Olympics.



            Kaibigan  organizes  income –generating  activities  such  as various  cottage  industries, a  thrift  shop, a small capital assistance program and a choral group.


Learning Center

            Besides serving as its principal office and headquarters, the Kaibigan Learning Center is used as a multipurpose facility.



            In  addition  to  the  Learning  Center, Kaibigan  operates a residence  for distressed children, where many find food and shelter from the hardships of the streets.