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When there are children smiling, there is hope.


Musmos  is  a  Socially  Oriented Organization from Ateneo de Manila University aimed to help street children in several areas in and around Metro Manila.



Origins of Musmos


In 1985, Musmos was formed by a group of Ateneans. Then known as TASKFORCE: LABOR, the group's goal was to help laborers in their fight against injustices. A year later, they were led to the Manila Youth Reception Center (MYRC) to help imprisoned street children due to vagrancy and various offenses. After some time, they realized their presence was not needed anymore. Then they found themselves in Cubao -- spending time with the children.

The organization was named MUSMOS, taken from the people they serve -- children. By  1988, a  new  area  was  established at KBF-Boys' Town, Marikina. And this year, another area was founded -- along the roadside of Katipunan.





Musmos   is   a   group   of   Ateneo   Students   committed   to   the   Ignatian "person-for-and-with-others" ideal. We aim to develop our Christian and Filipino

 values and realize these through social action towards the street children. In the process, we hope to become individuals oriented in the direction of society's upliftment.




We aim to assist in the holistic formation of the street children. However, we believe the  first step towards the realization of this mission is for us to have our own holistic formation.


A.    Formation Program


The  formation  program  of  the members includes the following components: spiritual, socio-economic-political awareness, and interpersonal relationships.


B.   Area Apostolate


By being ate's and kuya's, we are able to share with the street 

children the values that we have acquired through our formation program.




We have the following objectives:


A. Formation Program


     to hold an annual retreat or recollection, regular kubol sessions (reflection and  group therapy sessions), and semestral masses.

     to have exposure trips, volunteer training programs, leadership training   seminars, and national situationers.

     to maintain an organized database which includes a compilation of educational materials, media materials about street children, and other relevant files.

     to plan and participate in team building seminars, group dynamics, and other bonding activities.


B. Area Apostolates


To implement values sessions, group dynamics, educational talks, art sessions, play  therapy, masses, tutorials, medical  assistance parties, fund-raising activities, and other events for the street children in the different areas.