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Unang Hakbang Foundation
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Unang Hakbang Foundation


Unang Hakbang Foundation


Unang Hakbang Foundation (UHF) is a caring organization engaged in helping children on  the  street  and  in urban poor communities by creating sanctuaries for children and designing  and  promoting  programs  to  help  them  tap  their  potential  and  become productive and responsible members of their communities.


Presently, UHF  operates four children’s centers – Bahay ni San Francisco, a day center for  street  children  at  the  Catacombs, St.  Francis Church, St. Francis Street cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, and three community-based centers. The latter are in barangay Sto.  Tomas,  Pasig  City  and  in  Calbayog,  Bgy.  Highway  Hills and Welfareville, Bgy. Addition  Hills,  Mandaluyong  City. UHF’s  programs  focus  on  re-building  the  children self-esteem, improving their skills and assisting families take care of their children.


At  its  centers, UHF  provides  individual  and  family  counseling,  tutorials  and  literacy classes,  art  lessons  as well as, livelihood training and medical assistance. At Bahay ni San Francisco, UHF also provides a regular meal and bathing and laundry facilities.


Our Programs


UHF's Child Support Program integrates the organization's various activities into a holistic  program directed  toward helping street-based and other children in urban poor  communities to get a leg up the formal school system, providing specialized assistance  as  well  to  those who for various reasons cannot be integrated into the system.

The  program  likewise  gives  UHF's  art  program  a  new  direction  expanding  its purpose  to  providing  participants  with  a  directly employable skill.  In doing so, we play  to  the  children's strength creating a path to where they are naturally inclined to go.  Art  activities,  we  have  observed  over  time,  provide  the  most  common opportunity for exposing the children's hidden capacity for self-discipline and self-organization.  



The art class started as a program to improve children's fine motor skills and develop their appreciate for pattern and order.  Today it has evolved into a training ground for future artisans.



A mother’s class where topics include                  refresher math and reading, marital relationships, parenting and disciplining children. As group members become more comfortable with each other, they are encouraged to embark on a livelihood undertaking. This group of mothers have formed a quilting circle and sell baby quilts.  


80% or better --- this is the average grade that UHF-assisted children must get.  To help them, we have daily tutorials and special classes in reading and math.  For those who are unable to go back to the formal school system, we have non-formal education classes.