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Christians' Haven is an evangelistic mission to street children in the Philippines.


In  September  1996, God  laid  a burden on the hearts of Ken and Angelica Oosting to get involved in a ministry. God brought a street child into their lives during  their  honeymoon  in  Iligan  City,  Philippines.  It  soon became clear to  the  Oostings  that  God was presenting the needs of street children as a mission project.

Today, over  400  children  under  the  age of 14 live on the streets of Iligan City. Many children are abandoned or orphaned by the age of two. With no adult supervision, many children become involved in crime and prostitution in a desperate struggle to survive. The majority of street children live a brief, unhappy life with no one to share the saving love of God with them.


Our mission is to deliver these children from street life and introduce them to Jesus  Christ. Committed  Christian  house  parents and ministry teams will share God's love with these children through protection, shelter, discipline, care, and education. The ultimate goal is to win souls for Christ.

Our goal is to introduce these children to the love and saving grace of our Lord by:

      Loving them

      Providing a safe, wholesome environment

      Teaching the Bible

      Sharing our Faith

     Providing vocational training




Ken  and  Angelica, to  begin  work  with  street  the  children, laid  a  solid foundation. They conducted a feasibility study in the Philippines and created ties  with  local government officials. Five acres was purchased and property preparation began.


Christians'  Haven's  goal  is  to  provide  a  campus haven for 100 children when completed. The haven will be built in phases. Ten cottages will house ten children each. A school will be built on the grounds as well as vocation training  facilities.  The  staff  will  be educated  and  trained  to  meet   the educational, social, and spiritual needs of the children.


Concurrently with the campus preparation, Christians' Haven began feeding children  out  of  the  Abundant  Life  Church  in  Iligan City. Before long there were about  20  boys  sleeping  on  the  church  floor  as  our minister Bevin Bernales  feed  them  and shared  the  Gospel. To  accommodate  these unexpected, but very welcome, houseguests, Christians' Haven rented a house in Iligan City and the boys as well as the Bernales family moved into a more homelike setting.


Christians' Haven is a 5-acre campus located in the mountain village Tuod, just outside the town of Manticao on the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Christians'  Haven  currently  provides  approximately 25 street children with food, clothing, shelter, and the teaching of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Construction on the new campus began in 1999. The first building, a barn, was completed  in  early  January  2000. The  building  was  critical  to  the campus as it securely stored construction materials as additional buildings and  facilities  were  built. To  date, a  well has been dug and is producing clean  drinking  water. In  addition, a  retaining  wall  for  the  riverbank  is completed. Furthermore, workers and masons have erected a 6-foot stone boundary  wall  around  the  perimeter of the campus. Workers carried the stones, one  by  one, from  the  river  that  runs  through the campus.


In 2000 campus construction began on the first building to house children, house  parents,  and  helpers. While  the  house  was  under construction, Christians' Haven operated out of a rented house in nearby Iligan city. This rented house was secured in order to relocate the feeding program from a church at  the  center  of  the  city. The  distance  from  the  center of the city provided the children a better chance for a new start, as they struggled to break away from their old way of life.


In late 2001 construction was completed on the first building. The building is two stories with each level designed to accommodate at 10 children, house parents, and  helpers. The  Christians'  Haven  family  moved in to their new home  in  November  2001. This  is truly a blessing to have our family in the peaceful mountains away from the city influences.


Additional  construction  completed  includes  a  basketball  court and pump house. There  are  many  plans for the future. Future development includes facilities to house a total of 100 children on the campus, buildings to provide vocational training, and other buildings as needed.