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Bahay Tuluyan
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Bahay Tuluyan


Bahay Tuluyan


            Bahay  Tuluyan  was  founded  in 1988  as  an  alternative education centre for rehabilitating street kids.

            Bahay  Tuluyan  is  a  program  for  empowerment  of  abused and exploited street children.

            Bahay  Tuluyan   believes   that   children  are  capable  of  helping themselves  and  was  the  pioneer  of  the  child-to-child approach, which was awarded the Most Promising Award for Street Children by UNESCO France in 1994.

            Bahay  utilizes  the  "child to child approach" in which former street children  lead  the  way  in  working  with  children  in  rehabilitation , since adults are often incapable of seeing the world through the eyes of a street kid.  This  approach,  which  has  been  adopted  by  other Filipino NGOs, continues to form the basis of all the current programs of Bahay Tuluyan.

            The  children in treatment are also enrolled in regular schools, and Global  Family  funds  assist  the  center  in covering school-related costs such as uniforms and tuition.

            Bahay  Tuluyan  currently  operates  4  centers  for  street  children in the Philippines.