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Programs and Services

The Chameleon Association, Inc. aims to provide care, protective, rehabilitative, and preventive programs and services that will respond/address to problems concerning street girls. The farm-center is a temporary shelter (1 to 3 years) for street girls aged 5 to 16 years old with a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 15 children. From the start the project aims to:

 Immediate objectives:

Provide home life until such time that the child is reconciled with her natural family or substitute/foster families;

Provide food, shelter, clothing, care, protection, and recreational activities while in the center;

Provide medical, dental and psychological assistance;

     Provide family support through seminars, sessions and skills training.

Intermediate objectives:

Provide assistance to bring back the child to the formal school set-up;

Provide educational assistance to the poor children in Passi;

Provide counseling to the child in order to help her understand her life situation and also organize value, reorientation and education sessions;

Provide vocational and skills training in a non-formal, non-graded education set-up that will prepare the child for her entry to productive life.


Long-Term objectives:

Develop an integrated program that will address to the needs of the child's family;

Prepare the childs return to her natural/foster family;

Generate economic activity that can help the family to be self-reliant;

Lend capital to the families to create their small business to develop their local commerce;

Give financial responsibility to the parents through profitable activities to prevent the children from working.


In order to achieve the objectives, there are 3 major programs and services with its corresponding sub-programs: 

A)      Child Care and Protection Program:

To develop and actualize the program through provision of basic needs and services. Promote and maintain the home atmosphere where love, care and understanding can be felt and experienced by the kids.


B)      Child Rehabilitation and Development Program:

To develop rehabilitative and developmental program for the street kids and to prepare the children in any eventualities that will happen to them after living/staying at the center. This program focuses on the mind, spirit, health and body development of the kids. Services and activities developed/implemented under the program are:

v     Education and Training

v     Structure Household Responsibility

v     Counseling/Psycho-Social Development

v     Value Development

v     Recreation/Socialization Activities

v     Sports and Physical Development

v     EARN Activities 

      Art Workshop

      Sewing workshop

      Photo Developing Workshop

      Vegetable and Fruit Garden

       Animal Breeding


C) Family/Community Support Program


The center's commitment to reconcile/reunite the child with her family is the first and foremost agenda in the program. 

To rehabilitate the kids in the Center by continuous follow-up to the child's family.

To assist the poor families with educational assistance to lessen the burden of the family in other aspects of their lives. Children will be in the school studying instead of roaming in the streets. 

The program is also organized for livelihood activities and community leaders training to support the educational program. This program will be implemented through the scholarship services of the Center.