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Nehemiah Center
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Nehemiah Center


Nehemiah Center (Christ For Asia)




Founded  in  1992, CFA  was  legally organized to help and serve Cebu City's street children, and had later expanded its services to the other depressed people groups in the City. God is love... and as a proof He gave us His Son Jesus. This love must be experienced and must be demonstrated as well. This truth had directed CFA to join  together  gospel  with  mercy  ministries  in  order to reach the outcasted  and  the  poorest  of  the  poor  in  the  City. CFA's main concern  is  to  lead them to the Lord and to practically help them to become a useful person in the society.






            · Center-based - Nehemiah Center, a home for former street boys  and  street  girls. Here  the  children  are  well  accommodated, nourished with food, clothed, taught with practical works and special skills, and are sent to school leading to professional life.

          · Community-based -  street  children  and  children  from the slum  areas  receive  food  thru  feeding  programs and inspired with spiritual  truth  thru  evangelism  programs,  and  offered  with  wound dressing. A  monthly  service  is  held and attended by approximately 250-300 street children and children from the slum areas.


II -DUMPSITE - The ministry at the dumpsite has expanded from a weekly feeding program emerged the following:


          · Bible study conducted within the community

          · Nursery - in  which undernourished pre-school- age children are taken cared of during the day until such time the normal weight is achieved.

          · Mothers’ class - emerged because of the Day Care Center. Mothers  are  instructed to perform practical tasks (cooking, hygiene & washing) once a week in favor of the children at the Center.

          · CO-OP - this was organized and created a self-generating fund  by  manufacturing  and  selling ice cream within the community. Soon to start is the plan of sewing outfits for market distribution.




            ·  Prison/Jail


          · Squatter areas


          · Market place






Introducing our work:


The Street


Project Nehemiah - a new hope for street children


If  Jojo  thinks about his parents, then he remembers of the debates, which oftentimes prevented him to fall asleep in the evening, as well as  the  blows he got from his father. Often, he cowered fearfully in a corner, in  order  not  to  be entangled in the violence of his alcoholic father. Jojo  never dared to think as he woke up one morning at their poor  cottage  of  the  hard  reality. His  mother  had  left  him and his family.  The  last  what  he  had  heard  from  her,  that  she  is   living somewhere  in  Manila, a  city with more than one million inhabitants.


His life became harder and his future darker. His father, who worked as  a sidebike driver, a bicycle with sidecar to transport passengers, never  thought  of  his  family  and  spent  his   meager   income  with buddies for liquor. Jojo, who was only 5 years old at this time, did the daily work and care for his grandmother. While other children played or  went  to  school, Jojo was busy to wash the plates, to get water or to  tramp  the rice for the next meal. On time for the mass, he brought his  grandmother  to  the  local  church  where  they begged for some pesos. The  load of responsibility and  the fear of the future made the life  of  this  boy  nearly intolerable. Young as he was, emerged in the heart  of  this  boy  the  plan  to  manage  his own life. In the harbor of Baybay, a seaport in the southern part of Leyte, he smuggled himself on  a  freighter  for Cebu. Some time later, hungry and weary, he was looking   around   for   useful  objects  in  the  port  of  Cebu  when  he suddenly heard singing. Wasn't that children singing over there? Out of  curiosity, Jojo  decided  to go and to find what's it all about. As he arrived   at   the   place,   he   saw  about  50  children  gathered  and altogether  singing  and   later, a  lady  told  a  bible story. After that a warm  meal  was  served. Jojo  approached  one  staff of the feeding team  from  Christ  For  Asia and said: „I am hungry... I run away from home, and  I  have no place to go here in Cebu. Can you please help me?" That  evening, Jojo  didn't  need to sleep in the street anymore, because  the  feeding  team at Project Nehemiah brought him along, where  Jojo  found  a  new  home. Jojo  lives at Project Nehemiah for four  years  now,  and  like  other  34  former  street  boys, he goes to school and hopes to become a doctor someday.


To  meet  the  need  of  street  girls, "Christ for Asia" opened a girl’s home  in  November  1996. Eleven  former  street  girls found a new home  and  experience  now  care  and  acceptance. The  girls   are undergoing a progressive transformation of their personality, though not yet fully recovered, but many wounds of the past are healed, and gradually  they  are  restored  by  the  power  of  God's  love. Beside fundamental  things  like  clothes,  food  and  a  home,   Nehemiah's primary  concern  and  emphasis  is on the spiritual upliftment of the children   to   help   them   work  up  their  past.  The  regular  church attendance,  the  daily  devotional  time, a weekly prayer meeting as well as the counseling sessions helps them to organize their life, and to  get  a  transformation  of  their  bad  past into a new lifestyle in the presence of our Lord.


Many  street  children never had the chance to go to school, and so it is  not  a  surprise  if a 12 year old  street  boy cannot read and write. The   minds  being  conditioned  with  their  associated  area  on  the streets  make  some  to  have  trouble and find difficulties in following instructions  set  by  the  school.  The  education  in  public  or private schools  is  both  important  to  the  children at Project Nehemiah. To have a better change in school, some Nehemiah kids receive tutorial at   Project   Nehemiah.   Reading,   writing,   and   mathematics  are simplified  by  the  tutor  to  become  more easy and understandable. Through   different  workshops  the  former  street  children  discover artistic talents as well as practical talents. A small vegetable garden, an afternoon handicraft, the learning of different musical instruments, sports  as  well  as the gain of knowledge of computers make the life at Nehemiah varied and interesting. In a familiar atmosphere, former street children  experience care, acceptance and security, friendship and  confidence  will  be  established. In  common  conversation they share  their  past  and  needs, then  bring  them to the cross of Jesus and overcome them with Jesus.


In Project Nehemiah, we expect that out of the ruined past of the children of Cebu City, God will build a new life and a new future for these children who became His very own possession.