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Formerly  known  as  the  Children  and  Youth  Foundation  of  the Philippines, The  Consuelo  Foundation  is  an indigenous Philippine foundation  seeking  to  help improve the welfare and prospects of Filipino children and youth. It was founded in 1993 as the Children and Youth Foundation (CYFP) through an affiliation agreement between two US-based  organizations- the  Consuelo  Zobel  Alger  Foundation (or Consuelo Foundation) in  Hawaii and IYF. In 2002, CYFP officially changed its name to the Consuelo Foundation and today manages a number of programs in the Philippines.

At  the  core  of  Consuelo  Foundationís  effort  and  resources  are disadvantaged Filipino children and youth, between five and 20 years old. Among  them  are  young  people  who  have  been  abandoned, exploited, and abused-street children, children of indigenous peoples, out-of-school youth, working  youth, victims   of violence and armed conflict, and the differently disabled. The Foundation also helps parents and communities, as well as care-giving and child-oriented organizations  and professionals, leaders, influentials, trainers, researchers and law enforcers, prosecutors and lawyers.

The Consuelo Foundation employs the following strategies to achieve its objectives: supporting programs that work; interactive partnering; promoting program effectiveness, organizational capability and sustainability; encouraging strategic collective work on children and youth needs in an area; and advocating local philanthropy.

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